Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world and is often associated with monarchy. Some of the most expensive wines are incredibly expensive and must be matured for a long period before they can be perfectly good to be consumed. There are several aspects that can influence the quality and flavor of wine, one of the most essential being the temperature.

If you don't store your wine correctly refrigerated at the right temperature, its flavor will begin to change over time. Hence, it is extremely crucial to have a good wine chiller if you drink wine. This is where a good wine chiller comes into play. Kadeka offer a wide range of wine chillers which equipped with features that help maintain your prized collection in ideal conditions, ensuring that every sip is unforgettable. Here are a few of the advantages of having a wine chiller on available at your next dinner party or social gathering.

One major consideration for any wine bottle during storage is the amount of vibrations. The wine's ageing process can be disrupted by vibrations, causing the wine to separate into layers. Older wines are especially delicate since they have been ageing for a long period and are thus the simplest to destroy.

Storing wine in a standard fridge exposes it to vibrations, which is never a good idea since any sort of jostling is bad for your wine. Our award-winning Signature Series Wine Chillers are equipped with an inverter compressor that reduces sound and vibrations to a minimum, allowing your collection to sit nicely and age at its appropriate rate.

Letting your wine expose to any natural light is one of the biggest threats and should be avoided at all times. Over time, natural light can degrade and damage the flavors of a wine, leaving it to taste flat and lifeless.

Even thicker and heaviest bottles aren’t fully protected from harmful rays. Hence, a good wine chiller is needed to provide the most amount of light shielding. Kadeka’s wine chillers incorporates an additional layer of anti-UV tinted glass to serve as an extra layer of protection.

Air Quality
The corks of wine bottles are porous, which means that air and odours may enter the bottles, thereby harming the wines. Wine can also absorb odour from the air, hence the atmosphere around the storage space should be kept as neutral as possible to avoid potential influence on the taste of the wine. To counter that, charcoal filters are built into our wine chillers to minimize such risks and at the same time, keeping your wine in its original condition.

While keeping your bottle of wine in the refrigerator will keep it cool, unless you have a dedicated wine fridge, the temperature the bottle is kept at will not necessarily be the optimal temperature for the wine. This is due to the fact that you must also consider the other contents in the refrigerator, which means you cannot alter it solely to fit one thing.

For the flavors of red and white wines to shine through, they must be served at different temperatures. With our wide variety of Single Zone, Dual Zone and Triple Zone wine chiller options, you can choose between using your wine chiller for solely cellaring purposes, in drinking temperature or both!

Every wine enthusiast should consider about adding a wine chiller in their home to ensure that it retains its original quality for as long as they desire. Every winery wants their product to be appreciated by their customers, and the correct wine chiller will ensure that you taste each pick just as the winemaker intended until the last drop.




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