Ice Cream Showcase

Reliable and trusted by many.

Kadeka Ice Cream Showcases

A good freezer display is vital in order to display your ice cream beautifully. We provide both options of sliding option or one door option.



Curved Glass Ice Cream Freezer

Capacity: 165L
Product Dimension: 770W x 606D x 842H(mm)
Energy Consumption: 2.2kWh/24h


One Door Ice Cream Showcase

Capacity: 430L
Product Dimension: 670W x 800D x 1980H(mm)
Energy Consumption: 14.5kw.h/24h

LED Lighting

Lighting up your products beautifully.

Digital Display & Control System

Accurate and easy viewing of temperature.

Fan Cooling

Our fan cooling system ensures that the showcases do not overheat and performs to its top abilities.

Our Trusted Clients


Bee Cheng Hiang - well known for their delicious bak kwa has boldly come up with their latest product, Bak Kwa ice cream! Placed in our Kadeka ice cream freezers, Bee Cheng Hiang trusted Kadeka’s technology and design to showcase their ice cream. These can be found in supermarkets all over Singapore, and as well as their outlets.

Our Trusted Clients


CP-Meiji needed a reputable and reliable cooling appliance brand to partner them in distributing their dairy products across Singapore. Step in Kadeka, with our range of cooling products that is able to not only provide the optimal storage temperate required but equipped with other quality features that makes us the perfect choice.

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